Rechargeable hearing aids

Recharge. Relax. Repeat.

Personalised power

Meet the world’s first wireless custom rechargeable hearing aids.

  • Sit completely in your ear, so they won’t get tangled or pulled off when wearing or removing face masks.
  • Boost speech sounds to help make it easier to hear people who are wearing masks.
  • Multiple colour options allow you to be discreet or show off your new in-ear hearing aids.
  • Chargers provide up to 24 hours of power in a single charge.
  • Available in Evolv AI, Livio Edge AI, Livio AI and Livio rechargeable hearing aids.
A pair of RIC Rechargeables by a Synergy charger

Rechargeable reimagined

Starkey's long-lasting rechargeable hearing aids are small and easy to use.

  • Long-lasting charge delivers all-day hearing.
  • Premium charger provides additional portable charging without plugging into the wall.
  • Available in Evolv AI, Livio Edge AI, Livio AI, Livio and Muse iQ RIC Rechargeable hearing aids.
Lithium-ion Rechargeable Batteries FAQs

Mini Turbo Charger

Our pocket-size lithium-ion charging option provides added grab-and-go convenience.

  • Your hearing aids will be fully charged in under three hours.
  • A fully charged Mini Turbo Charger can charge a pair of hearing aids four times.
  • For use with Evolv AI, Livio Edge AI, Livio AI, Livio and Muse iQ Rechargeable hearing aids.
A pair of RIC rechargeable in a Mini Turbo Charger

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